Introducing Status Monitor: Check Live Connectivity of Dhan with Stock Exchanges 🖥️ 🟢

Introducing Status Monitor: Check Live Connectivity of Dhan with Stock Exchanges :desktop_computer: :green_circle:

Hi Everyone,

We’ve been building Dhan for about 18 months, and through our journey, we’ve introduced several features and products with one simple goal - to give our users an Incredible Trading & Investing Experience with Dhan.

Whether it’s a small improvement or a big feature, our team is focused on doing what’s best and what’s right for our users. That’s why we have chosen to be customer-centric, keep things simpler and transparent with our users, and at the same time continue to make Dhan better every day.

Many of our features and offerings have become either industry-first or first-time in India, to name a few - Transaction Estimator, Fast Login with QR, first Broker Platform to offer Dedicated Options Trading platform, Trade directly from TradingView, Instant Trade on Charts, Manage Positions, 24x7 AMO Orders, and so much more.

We have always maintained that Stock Broking is one of the most complex products and systems out there, we relate more with this as we identify more as Technology-led Stock Trading & Investing platform and build almost every aspect of our Dhan internally with our small team.

Today, in our efforts to bring further transparency to our users - we are excited to introduce another first for the Indian Stock Broking industry - Live Exchange Connectivity Status Monitor for Dhan.

Live now, available for all on:

The Status Monitor allows you to check the connectivity status of Dhan (our transaction feed and data feed) with Stock Exchanges (NSE, BSE, and MCX). Anyone who is curious about it, or just wants to track Dhan’s status can now view the same in the above webpage.

Further, you will also be able to see the Market Status by segments, Square-Off times, and your system time. The status will be live 24x7 and monitoring will be possible right from the pre-market session of all Stock Exchanges (of BSE, NSE, and MCX) to market close (of MCX).

To re-emphasize, our team relentlessly tries to ensure that your experience on Dhan is seamless and lightning-fast. While we do all that’s possible for us under the hood and keep the complexities of the system on our end, our Status Monitor now simplifies it for you - are we connected to Stock Exchanges and are we up for transactions and data.

Check out the status monitor page and let us know what you think - it’s experimental and will keep evolving over time with feedback.

P.S. We’ve upgraded our tech & infra. Read about it here: Order Execution Time on Dhan Now Upto 5x Faster

Ashish Thakur


This is superb openness from DHAN !
During the times of instability mainly related to infra issues, this makes sense . :100: :raised_hands:


Absolute amazing!


It would be great if you can also share unavailability incidents with timings, and can inspire other brokers as well to follow such practices. In the long run, a transparent status page should speak for the broker’s historical online availability.

Status page for reference
Intercom Status - Uptime History
Intercom Status - Incident History