Introducing: Fast Snapshot of Positions

Hi All,

I think by now you all know that we are building things faster to improve your investing & trading experience on Dhan.

We actively listen to your feedback, looking at how some of our features are used, and making changes to ensure there is something incrementally better than before on Dhan. Talking to traders like you helps us to build a better product and improve your trading and investing experience.

We know traders share screenshots/snapshots of their P&L, positions & statements with their trade buddies & friends. We notice few of our users doing this as well - this could be for many reasons - seeking suggestions or feedback on position, market direction, or simply sharing your view of the market and hence your trades. We also notice many of them get misused or rather photoshopped to demonstrate possible trading incomes, which we believe one should stay away from.

We wanted to make sharing easy, simple and fast, and at the same time keep screenshots shared by Dhan users genuine. We are happy to introduce a unique, authentic and seamless way to share snapshots of your Positions along with P&L on Dhan.

It’s simple - just a tap!

  • Keep a track of your trades easily
  • Share positions with your trade-buddies, mentors, friends, and family
  • Get authentic snapshots
  • All of this - in just one-tap

We continue to ship features & updates and make Dhan better everyday, to ensure you get the best Investing & Trading experience.

Product Team


@Naman @PravinJ ,

A given screenshot can not be called an authentic since there are handful of technologies available to modify the actual image.

In case if @Dhan wants to allow the users to share an authentic PnL screenshot then, the screenshot should be uploaded on Dhan server and only URL should be shared, exactly how TV allows users to share their chart analysis screenshots.

Hi @amit
Thanks for writing and sharing your suggestion. We acknowledge your point.
This is very first version and do not want to over-engineer this feature as our more focus, right now, is on building trading features and products.