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As an investor or trader, you always wish to know things sooner, which can affect the price of your portfolio company or a company in which you want to invest or trade-in. Corporate actions do affect the stock price and help you understand the direction of the company - results, dividends, bonuses, splits, and more. Well investing in stocks is basically investing in the outlook of a company and to do so, we’ll need to know about corporate actions.

Starting today, you will now be able to see all corporate actions in one place on Dhan. This will help you to be updated on upcoming corporate actions and make better investing / trading decisions on their stocks.

Now, What are Corporate Actions?

When a company issues a corporate action, it is doing something that will affect its stock price. If you’re a shareholder or considering buying shares of a company, you need to understand how an action will affect the company’s stock. A corporate action can also tell you a great deal about a company’s financial health and its short-term future.

Earlier a user has to read email communications sent by Company to its shareholder or visit the exchange website to make himself aware of any upcoming corporate actions.

Corporate Actions may help investors to know companies’ plans such as dividends, buybacks, Stock splits, Bonus issues, Right issues, and share buybacks. Which can help investors to find insights and buy/sell accordingly.

Through this feature, we have simplified the process and have made it extremely seamless for our users to be updated on any upcoming corporate actions.

Introducing an all-in-one Corporate Actions on Dhan!

Now, never miss a corporate action update from your favourite company.

Here’s how you can check Corporate actions:

Dhan becomes better every day. And also there is always more to come only on Dhan.

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Hi… Request you to make ca available on tv charts. Thank you


Dhan, seems to be putting a lot of emphasis on how to make their user experience better.
Good luck to you for your efforts.

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You guys Made My Day …Thank you @PravinJ @TeamDhan

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