Instant Order new feature: Quantity selection as per alloted fund for quick order execution

This will be great for intraday trader
in stant order in trading view+dahn need to pre set order quanity but it vary share to share.

Case 1:
suppose I have 1 L fund balance i can buy 1000 shares of 100 rupees without leverage
but if share value 66 rupees then i can buy 1515 shares with same fund

Case 2: I have 1L fund balance, i want to buy share from two different company with 50K each.

Problem faced: takes time to calculate pre set share quantity for instant order.

My request is if you can introduce a feature where we need to put only fund and buy/sell sothat it will auto calculate the share quantity and buy/sell.

for example I have 1L fund balance. I need to buy stock of 50K with 66.55 rupees price
I will only enter 50K and click buy. if will calculate share qty= 50,000/66.55=751.31

hence it will buy 751 shares.

request to Dhan please think about it, it will be called actual instant order with preset Qty as allotted fund.

Hi @rinku

Thanks for your request. It is a good suggestion. We will evaluate and look into the feasibility to develop it.

@Naman Hope Dhan can do it :100: :100: it will be breakthrough for instant order.