Improvement required in orders

Hi Team,
I have faced an issue in orders which requires to be improvements.

  • when I click on Limit order in any order type we need to put our desired price we all know,

Improvement- When I click on Limit price we need to delete the price first then need to fill new price but instead of delete one by one digits, all digits should be selected and when I type my price it shoud start typing.

(अर्थात जब हम लिमिट ऑर्डर या ट्रिगर ऑर्डर पर क्लिक करते हैं तो एक एक डिजिट डिलीट करनी पड़ती है सुधार ये होना चाहिए की जब हम प्राइस पर टैप करें तो पूरा प्राइस सिलेक्ट होना चाहिए।

इससे ऑर्डर प्लेस करने में समय बचेगा।

Hope you understand my query

Hi @yogesh86k ,

Thanks for your feedback, we understood your query. We will surely explore if such a feature could be bought.

Keep contributing to the Dhan community :smiley: