Improve traders control

Hey @PravinJ @Pranita , @Sameet

TRADERS CONTROL Feels Slightly Insufficient & Can Be Improved By Small Addition OR Changes To It Such As:-

  1. Reduce Trade SOS: Alert on Over-Trading Min No. of Trades from 15 to at least 2 or 0 as many traders mostly take 2-3 trades per day. { which you guys said will look into it a year ago but nothing has changed so far ]
  2. Adding 1 toggle in TRADERS CONTROLS section that allows traders to either A] Receive alert about max loss or max trades alert once condition has met( which is currently implemented) OR B] Activate kill switch or cutoff trading on max trades or max loss once condition met
  3. Getting pop up or mobile alert or notification instead of getting alert on just POSITION page as mostly traders are watching CHARTS & not the POSITIONS page & they will end up missing the alert most of the time rendering feature not as useful

Introducing these features will give traders more control over risk management