Important improvements required

Hi Team, Thanks for giving such a amazing features day by day, really happy with Dhan features, in addition to that I feel some improvements as below-

1- When we add stocks in watchlist through Dhan Tradingview platform many stocks disappeared from the watchlist, but if we add stocks from mobile application it working fine.

2- In Dhan TV watchlist facing sorting issues if we short stocks in A-Z or Z-A it doesn’t work but sorting by % changes working fine.

3- It will be great if you provide Bid/Ask in order modification tab in mobile app, because when we modify order price changes frequently specially in index options.

4- In order window of mobile app I feel required change like if we tap on the price should pre select all price to change easily instead for deleting value by backspace.

5- forever order is must required for MTF type order.

6- Stoploss and Target for MTF in sell side with Forever order.

As you know that most of the products are same in all brokers only platform and user experience makes a broker on top of the list.