Idea for a new indecator

Hi @PravinJ

I want to understand how this integration with tradingview works? Is it possible to add one more moving average like ema(ema(rsi(60),21),7), also to change the bar colors based on relative values of both moving averages. final chart looks like this.

Please let me know if it is doable or not.


Hey, not sure if I got the question right. We do not build indicators, if that is what the question means.

You can add multiple indicators to Dhan, for few you add same one twice and change values of same via settings, and in some cases even change colors in settings.

Hi Sudeep

What’s the name of this indicator in trading view ?

It seems you are looking for RSI-EMA-EMA crossover.
It can be done in following way.
1.Add RSI, setup values that you want.
2. Again add one RSI, skip RSI here (But put same RSI value that u put in first RSI) and use only EMA.
3. Add 2nd RSI on first RSI, i.e. indicator on indicator.
4. In 2nd RSI, change 70-30 lines to 50.
5. For both RSI move scale on any one side.

Note. You can’t add barcolor feature here.