How is Networth shown in App

hi team ,

What is the amount which is shown under Networth in dhan app.

Does it consider EQ , ETF and F&O premium recieved .

Pls let know how is the amount arrived at

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Hi @pavz

The Net worth includes the investment amount (EQ, ETFs) + total funds.

For example :- Current Portfolio Value 10,000 + Opening Cash Balance 20,000 + Open Position (If any) = Net worth 30,000

Networth does not include F&O premium.

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Hope your query is resolved @pavz .

Keep contributing to the Dhan community :smile:

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@Divyesh can you please explain to me how my net worth is calculated and shown. Your above formula doesn’t seem to work for me.


I think it’s buggy, never worked for me as well.

Yes there is a bug here… @Dhan_Help @Divyesh @PravinJ pls fix. Now my networth suddenly spiked

Hi @t7support

We are having this checked with our team and keep you posted soon.

K thank you @Divyesh.

Hi @t7support

Here is the calculation for your 1st screenshot.

Current Portfolio Value 30,05,000.00

  • Opening Cash Balance 00.00
  • Open Position Margin used (If any) 42,44,569.75
  • Open Position P&L(if any) 4,63,721.24

= Net worth 77,13,290.99

2nd Screenshot

Current Portfolio Value 30,05,000.00

  • Opening Cash Balance 00.00
  • Open Position Margin used (If any) 52,88,720.75
  • Open Position P&L(if any) 5,54,561.24

= Net worth 88,48,281.99

“Money in Dhan account” in your case is the amount received against collateral, and hence not considered for Networth (since already considered in Portfolio value).

Hope this clarifies :slightly_smiling_face:

The formula needs to be revised. 92% of the portfolio value is pledged. A significant part of the margin used comes from the pledged margin. So adding everything just gives incorrect fictitious net worth.

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@Divyesh problem is not fixed yet. I think correct formula would be

Net worth = opening cash balance + portfolio realtime value +/- realised pnl + net realtime open position value (intraday stocks & intraday / NRML long options) +/- net realtime pnl (futures and short options)


@Divyesh @Dhan_Help @PravinJ

Either pull down this feature or make it correct pls. The way networth see-saw to erroneous peaks and valleys intraday is not looking good and is confusing traders.


Sir, agree this is a big issue.
I cannot see my networth accurately. hope dhans correct this issue, its a basic need of a investor.

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This has always been buggy.
The formula to calculate Net Worth is quite straight forward, but somehow the team has it all wrongly coded

Hi @Lumiaman88 @t7support @jaison We are making some changes on this module in next few releases. Do share your suggestions and where you see errors on Will incorporate the same.

@Divyesh @PravinJ
Thanks, will do.
Will write here also,
Net Worth =

  1. Current Value of Delivery Stocks +
  2. MTM of Margin Funding Stocks +
  3. MTM of all Intraday trades +
  4. MTM of all open Futures +
  5. Value of all Option Buy positions -
  6. Value of all Option Sell positions +
  7. Free Cash +
  8. Total Margin blocked for all F&O/ Intraday/MTF positions -
  9. Total Margin used out of Margin Pledge ( only used amount) +
  10. Any cash waiting to be settled for Delivery Stocks / Options Sell

This should atleast get you to 95%+ accuracy on net worth calculation

Interactive Brokers does this very well, where they simulate what will be the current liquidation value is all positions and socks were to be liquidated at current prices. Net Liquidation Value by them is always accurate

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Sir, networth equity curve should also be plotted in the graph, please check how zerodha does it beautifully, we require something like this in Dhan too.

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Thanks. @PravinJ In this thread and in a separate DM with @Divyesh I have already shared the issue with screenshots.

The issue is simple - Networth is correct after the EOD process only. During live trading it shows erroneous values. Option / future selling typically triggers the error mode in my experience.

If you can share the formula that Dhan uses may be we can suggest something more solid.