Help with Account Opening

I had applied to open an account with Dhan yesterday evening. I know that it’s non-working days right now. Still I just wanted to ask as by when will my account opening process be completed?? I wanted to start a new investment journey on Muhurat Day with Dhan

Hi @Akhil153045, while we may have processed this, for exact status you can see it in your mobile app or web, I don’t think it will be possible now. New accounts now require confirmation from exchanges and depositories as well, think the next batch of update will directly come on Tuesday now when exchanges open.

If there is any update it will be automated and you will be informed.

Daam it I am gonna missout on muhurat trade😭

We wish we could have solved this for you. Btw, do drop us a note to with your registered mobile number, just to ensure we have this tracked at our end as well.