Freezing chart and loss


Every time same issues, freezing charts and order placed very late,
What to do in this case? We don’t know order is placed at what price? Getting loss because of this platform,

I have sent support request and they said will look on this, and not reverted,

I have two nicely recorded videos, let me know how to show in this community, so people can get aware what is happening.

And when it happens in early morning and that too in options, think what happens to us.

@PravinJ @Naman


Hello Dhan Technical Team,
I am also facing same issue. This is not at all acceptable. It can cause huge loss. Today same thing happen again. I executed order today and suddenly everything freeze. Sometime, chart will show different price and watch list shows different. I feel this is not lighting fast platform. This seems darkest slow platform. I feel you should only keep trades related things rather than including lots of things all together in single platform. This make platform too slow and very poor performance.

@Jigar We are having this checked. Request to please do a hard refresh on browser - we have pushed updates over weekend to both Dhan web and TradingView.

Yes, i did that as well, and this was happened last week as well before update, When we are in position of options and such things happens, our heart is near to attack.

@PravinJ , see one more bug,
See in watchlist, no values and it’s in gray color,

Same was communicated to support and they said to fix by last weekend :frowning:

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This was at what time? Can’t figure out from the screenshot

I checked my screenshot time, it was 11. 04 AM

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Noted, will check and have this sorted out.

Latest one. FYi.

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Hey @Jigar

We have resolved this in the watchlist. In case if you come across this again, please let us know.

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@PravinJ , today also it come same for one script,

We will have this checked again.

Similar issue for me too on Dhan.
On mobile too the app logs out incase you are switching to multiple apps.

Hi @pankajsingh

Welcome to Dhan Community.

As per the recent NSE circular, it is mandatory for all stock broking platforms to enable two-factor authentication. We have written about this in detail Important Note: 2FA Login for Dhan Web & TradingView users

As an alternative, if your phone supports biometric login, you may enable the same to avoid entering Password & OTP every time.

For your specific price display scenario, request you to share more details at

You may also feel free to call us at 022 48906273 or Chat directly from the CS section of App / Website for real-time issues.

Hi Sameet,

I’m aware of the fingerprint authentication and appreciate Dhan for bringing up this feature.

My concern was that the apps logout immediately even if you are switching between 2 apps for even a sec. This should not happen. There should be certain time limit for such timeout.

Hi @pankajsingh

For your specific case, we request you to drop an email at with your details, so we can check and address your query.