Does Dhan Referral work in delivery trades also?

If someone opens with my link but does only equity delivery buy and sell which is 0 brokerage in dhan, so will i get referral earnings?
For delivery trades what does this : “Earn 20% of brokerage generated by traders & investors referred by you.” mean?

Hi @harshn Referral works for 20% of all brokerage generated from the accounts that are referred by you. Investors do end up doing trading at times (intra-day) or short term positions held via MTF. Any brokerage generated via that is shared in referral.

For delivery we are among the only few brokers now that offer investing for free, there is sharing is of-course 20% of zero, which is zero. If things change in future, and we add brokerage to delivery in that case the same will be shared with you. That said, we have no immediate plans to add brokerage to Delivery.

Dear Pj, only reason the investors like me using Dhan is because of Zero AMC and Zero Delivery charges… if you even thinking or considering to bring brokerage on delivery then it’s a big NO NO for the Dhan Platform!!!

Mutual Funds, Bonds coming soon for long time now…

Kindly provide the transparent update on it…

We know that there is an internal version is already being used by Dhan team and you are still adding more features and it will be in SOA format, and it will be industry first on so many things but when will you make it available for all users ?

Secondly, kindly bring a platform to invest in fixed instruments like Bonds, NCD without any 3rd party website… Like a one place for all the investment needs…

You have been working on things related to traders and left the investors like me the dark. I know the maximum revenue stream is only from traders and investors are not raising the bar (generating) in term of revenue…

I have been requested regarding the gifting of shares within the platform atleast for now and may be bring in future to gift even to any other platforms or like sending money to UPI Id with the NSDL / CSDL account details… industry’s first :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We want dhan to be go to app for all investment needs.

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Hi @Vardhan094 As i said, no plans to add brokerage to Delivery :slight_smile:

Yes too many things happening, we scaled much faster and had to build and scale our infrastructure. Next from us is a major update to Options Trader app, Mutual Funds are lined up after it.

Many investing focussed features are coming, we started with Account Aggregation, MF is next and it has built-in features for investors. Yes, investing isn’t that great for generating revenues… but then we do not do everything for revenues also. Investing is brokerage-free, smallcase is free (only on Dhan), no charges for payments (only on Dhan), Direct Mutual Funds on Dhan and many more to come.


Thanx @PravinJ for ur prompt reply.

I and many others want that DHAN remains 0 delivery brokerage and 0 AMC which makes it preferred choice (gives it competitive advantage) over Zerodha, Angel, Upstox and Groww.
Also u people earn through Rs.7 of DP charges in delivery trades.

However, if I open account now, Can delivery brokerage and AMC change in future ? But I think even if it changes old account holder gets to pay same charges as were quoted at the time of account opening like it happened in Paytm Money and Upstox.

Kindly clarify on these 2 charges if they will or change or what would happen even if they change? :pray:t2::pray:t2:

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Hi @harshn

Be assured, we have clearly mentioned that the delivery brokerage and AMC (Annual Maintenance Charge) are zero, as stated in our pricing. Pricing & Brokerage Charges | Dhan

Pls reply to my questions in above reply :
clarify on these 2 charges if they will change or what would happen even if they change?
Old customers would get same charges as at the time of account opening?

I want to hear from @PravinJ sir :pray:t2: as he is the CEO