% distance from MA indicator

I notice dhan have created their % distance from MA indicator on tv.dhan.co, unfortunately same isn’t available on trading view (in-build), thus will it be possible for Dhan to share the source code(Pine script ) of above said indicator, Please :slight_smile: ?

@Hardik @PravinJ

Hello @Satyam

This is being enabled by the TV library itself, we have simply configured it to allow for the % distance. Unfortunately, indicators on tv.dhan.co are not built on Pinescript and rather written in JavaScript. And due to compliances, we cannot share you the source code for the same.

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@Hardik CPR with daily and weekly levels is ALREADY available on DHAN.
Please include CPR with monthly and tomorrow levels TOO in the indicator list this weekennd please

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No prob, thanks for prompt reply. Kindly check the thread where I have mentioned multiple api related bugs , non of them is fixed till now

Hello @inspectorKAALE

Yes, we are working on this. But it will take some time more than the weekend as these are indicators with some library challenges that the team is trying to work around.

@Satyam sure will check them.