Discrepancy in Charges. Does DHAN charge per lot basis or per order


Trade taken JUNE 20th
Total trades done : 32
All trades - >Option Buying

Mutiple lots have been traded but in single order

But as per contract note have been charged a whopping 2963 Rs

(Actual charges including taxes would not cross more than 1200 rs.

Kindly check this

IN the same regard have a question

Suppose 50 lots NIFTY bought at 10 rs in single order 9.30am , sold at 11 rs at 9.45 am

But while selling order is only 1 placed but 20 executed at 9.45 , another 10 at 9.46 , 10 @ 9.47 @10 @9.48

in the above case does DHAN treat this this as Multiple orders or single order? [Since order was only 1 but has executed at different time frame]

Hi Team,
Iโ€™m very disappointed with the charges out for yesterday trade. I traded 20 trades and 3k charged me.
Can you investigate on the same I will send the contract notes. It should not cross more than 1k even if we consider the modified trades. Including modified trades itโ€™s 32.
Please provide the justification.


@pavz please share your UCC over DM, we will get this checked.

50 lots of NIFTY will be broken into atleast 2 legs as it exceeds the freeze quantity limit. So the brokerage would be for 2 orders. If you chose 3 legs, there would be 3 orders placed and hence brokerage will be applicable for 3 orders and so on.

Also, let us say you placed an order to buy 10 lots of NIFTY, and due to liquidity, you got the 10 lots at different time intervals (different trades). Here, the brokerage will be changed on order (single) and not trade (multiple)

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@Viju049 please share your UCC on DM, we will have this checked.

Thanks @iamshrimohan for the quick response.
Viju will be sending the info, kindly look into it.
He recently joined DHAN from Zerodha, and the charges were a shocker to him.
Please rectify if theres an issue in calculation of lots. :raised_hands:t2: :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Shrimohan,
Please find the UCC - JL0088528C

Please find the UCC - JL0088528C

@Viju049 can you please recheck UCC, it seems to be a typo. Also you can send me your registered mobile. Do share the info over DM.

Hi Shrimohan,
Plz find UCC JLOO88528C.
Mobile number - 9886427321

Hi @Viju049 @pavz as checked, the brokerage is Rs. 20 per order and hence Rs. 640 is charged. Please find the other charges as below for the said date.

Turnover 3116365
Brokerage 640
STT 959
Exchange Transaction Charges 1558.18
SEBI Turnover Fees 3.12
IPFT 15.58
Stamp Duty 47
GST 396.23

Hi Shrimohan,
May I know why Exhange transaction charges have put and also STT.
Exchange transaction fee itself is more โ€ฆ

@iamshrimohan This is regarding Vijays query.

So , total trades done is 32
Total charges - 2963
So avg per order is it - 92 rs including tax ?

Shouldnโ€™t it be per order around 40rs (brokerage +all other charges)
I think the components Exchange transaction charges +GST looks incorrect.

Note: There were no Future trades done. only option buying .

@Viju049 pls put a similar contract note breakdown from Zerodha if you have.

@pavz @Viju049 As re-checked, all charges - STT, ETT, GST are computed correctly. For you reference, also find the screenshot as below from Zerodha.

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OK thnx a lot @iamshrimohan for quick response as always.
@Viju049 pls check tomorrow too as you have done similar trades today too. :slightly_smiling_face:

@pavz anytime. FYI brokerage is just a fraction of the total charges levied. As a thumb rule, you can always consider total charges as around Rs. 100 per 1 lakh of turnover in FNO segment.

:bulb:If you trade NIFTY at this level, the BEP would be around 35 points.

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Yes that is the sad truth. Brokerage is a small fraction in large orders especially with futures. STT, transaction charges by exchange etc are the main culprits.

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