Difference in the opening price


Same goes to Bank Nifty

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Hi @sridip

Multiple factors go in to make charts work, have tried to explain this over here: Charts on Dhan: What happens behind the scenes and how Charts work exactly?

This isn’t specific to Dhan, but with all platforms. Additionally also came up with this thread from twitter today: https://twitter.com/knahsahs_hgnis/status/1599991958675501056

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would you be able to confirm this by actually annotating and referring the NSE timeseries data on 5min timeframe and additionally confirm with lets say other platforms (seeing if it is a data transport problem or something else)?

OTOH, is the date and time synchronized on all your server infrastructure to the β€˜T’ microseconds? just to rule out the possibility that there is no mucking of the time element in the data by them?

Once again, have explained how charts work on the link shared here: Charts on Dhan: What happens behind the scenes and how Charts work exactly?

Even NSE does not guarantee accuracy of chart data - have come across instances where NSE does capture on all prices on its charts. These are purely rendered based on information relayed.

Even NSE does not guarantee accuracy of chart data

With all due respects to you, I somehow refuse to believe this.

Are you saying the tick data for the first few minutes, is relayed with a delay for back in time?

(I will however go through your linked post to understand more like for example: how is 5min OHLC is constructed, it is not provided by NSE AFAIK. TickData or OHLC has to be merged eitherways.

This is something getting important and also perhaps one of the most notified problem among the community here – most intraday strategies are just centered around the 5min/10min chart opening candles data, so the suffering is very high and it blocks and disables the traders to become the super traders that they would like to be.

How exchanges work, from the same post -

Market data for every stock / instrument comes directly from the stock exchange. Exchange processes millions of transactions each day which translates to a lot of transactions per second.

Now, each transaction represents a tick. However, it is not feasible even for exchanges to send all of this data via ticks as every tick is a representation of all transactions that happened in that β€˜moment of tick’. So as an industry standard, a snapshot of a tick is sent by the exchanges to the data feeds or market tick by tick data, which results in the end user seeing the price of the stock / instrument as an LTP.

This tick is shown on your device which is live market price and the same data is used to plot charts. Now, this per second tick is one of the many hundred ticks that take place on the exchange every second. So, it is quite possible that sometimes your order gets executed at a certain price without that price getting reflected on your screen.

Can we check this in real-time-market feed on Dhan API vs Dhan Charts and see if that helps narrowing the problem further? (will have to check for atleast couple of days regularly during morning hours, simultaneously on the 5min chart on Nifty/Nifty futures and OHLC feed at 5m interval using python/api library.

I am planning to develop and deploy some automation strategies that depend on the 5min OHLC values for intraday/every day basis, so I want to make sure the charting issue is not extended to the data feed.