Dhantradingview BO - an insight

can someone explain how ticks work? or is there an option to put in place of point value like - take profit 7.5 or SL 3.5.

The option is there in dhan web, but I would prefer dhan tradingview.

inputting price values is cumbersome when i want to fire an order instantly.

I am seeking to fire away orders less hassle free, with a specified SL and a specified target points instead of price values.


is this a bug? You can’t modify stops in BO. Whenever I try to trail stops, closure, it initiates the response - trigger gap is out of range. Tried from dhan orderbook, the same.

It seems the stop value follows a certain range? But why? As price moves, we should be able to modify stops accordingly. Why the range restriction?

hey @ronin ,

Try out these steps What’s the fastest way to create a bracket order from chart?

check out in your BO thread.

Hi @ronin,

Tick size is the minimum difference in rates between two orders on the same side i.e., buy or sell, entered in the system for particular script. Trading in scrips on NSE and BSE is done with the tick size of 5 paise currently. So if you select 20 in Ticks, it means Rs. 1 (5 paise * 20)

Stop loss range for Bracket and Cover orders

  • 0.25% or Rs.0.50 paise (whichever is high) for Equity Stocks and Futures
  • 0.2 % for Index Future.

Hope this helps.

Dhan Customer Support

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Thank you . That makes a lot of sense.

But that doesn’t explain why I can’t modify stops.

Tested with a script, axisbank BO trading view.
Bought at 668.7 initial stop was 664.

Now, when I want to trial/modify the stop up to 666, it says trigger gap is out of specified range, with ltp running at say, 668.5.

So, are you saying it’s because you need to maintain a SL range ?

The reason I am asking is cuz I need to trail my stops to cost, once a certain level is reach. Yes, i can do with limit orders, but thinking of giving BO a try.

Hope, you get the picture that I am painting.

Hey @ronin ,

The current implementation doesn’t help in protecting profits by trailing/modifying the stop as it expects the fixed distance from CMP even after the trade is initiated.

In order to ensure both TL and TGT doesn’t get executed at the same time, better way to implement BO is to measure total distance between SL and TGT instead of just SL distance.

Hoping one day @Dhan @Dhan_Help will understand and make it better, till then it doesn’t help traders to use it more often just because of margin benefit.

Hey man, thanks for your time. And getting what I see, and explaining things around.

Yes, till then, see you around.

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Hi @amit @ronin,

User feedback is very important to us. We are working to enhance these features. We will announce when we are ready.

Thanks for taking the time to share feedback and address queries.

Dhan Customer Support

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Good to see improvements in min stop loss. Last time when i checked it was 0.3% for index fut & 1% stocks.