Dhan Android app chart issue

In dhan trading app, I can’t able to save the chart image in mobile, can’t send chart image to others, can’t copy link of the chart…

Landscape and portrait view option some times won’t work, will annoy to use it…

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Hi @SantoshKumar

Welcome to Dhan community. You do have the option to take chart image and also share the same, you just need to slide the top bar of the chart to your right-side and you will see this.

Image below for your reference:

For toggle between landscape and portrait mode, we have few users who have also mentioned this to us. We are working on this and will make this automatic as to your phone’s controls in upcoming releases.

Thank you @PravinJ for reply, the screenshot and method that you mentioned is showing in app, but it is not save the image, can’t share the image, can’t copy link of the image…this type of problem I didn’t faced in tradingview platform…in tradingview+ dhan I didn’t have this issue, but only in dhan mobile app…

Hi @SantoshKumar

This is bit weird, should not happen. Do let know if you are coming across this on Dhan app or Options Trader? Also can I request you to clear app cache or reinstall the app.

We recently pushed a important update to our TradingView library, wrote about this here - Important update for TradingView users on Dhan

Just want to be sure that the settings on your account for web isn’t conflicting with your ones in your mobile. Clearing cache / reinstalling app will help. If not, please let us know and will ask Customer Care team to connect with you.

I also told same query on twitter id but no improvement

And also News section not working
No news is received in notification panel in mobile
News section is also on

As I am using only dhan app…and i followed your suggestions to clear cache and data, it didn’t work…finally I uninstalled and reinstalled, still problem didn’t resolved…@PravinJ

Hi @SantoshKumar, can you please write to us on help@dhan.co or chat with us from the app. I will let our customer service team to expect this. Sharing a link from community with them.