Delayed funds from cancelled orders

Here is the chain of actions and I get the funds insufficient error

@ 09:21:00 Had two orders Call & Put (Orders 5223081834350 & 2223081834350)
@ 09:21:59.342 >> cancelled first order 5223081834350
@ 09:21:59.440 >> cancelled first order 2223081834350
@ 09:22:00:238 >> Attempted Buy Order for Call
@ 09:22:00:239 >> Got rejected for funds (ideally the funds from cancelled should be available for this trade)
@ 09:22:02:212 >> Was able to place a fresh order

Request you to please add funds for use right after cancellation of the existing orders.

no response no reply not even acknowledgement from the support team


Hello @Shashidhar

Will check this with team on the time required to release the funds and optimise this use case if required.

Apologies for missing the thread. However, this is not the official support channel for us. All of us here try to address all the issues on community, but sometimes threads to get skipped and since it is a forum, we cannot offer a dedicated support here. You can raise always reach out to our team @Dhan_Help if you want resolution to any of issues faced.