Deductions are high and huge slippages

Hello Team,

Sorry to say Am very disappointed with dhan.

  1. Charges are very high (Yesterday my pnl was 2540/- but deductions was 1140/- )

  1. And orders are not executing instantly huge slippages are happening.

3)Tv dhan and app showing different prices some delay is happening.

Please look into this and

@Kongara Do share your UCC over DM, i’ll get this checked.

@Kongara The charges are correct. There is no case of slippage. Slippage happens when you place order for multiple lots together and hence due to liquidity issue your orders gets executed at different rates. In your case, you had traded single lots at multiple times. There had been 24 orders and hence Brokerage of Rs. 480 and additional trade charges are levied.

As a quick reckoner, do consider the exchange related charges approx. comes to Rs. 150 per 1 lakh of turnover or Rs. 1500 for a million.

In today’s pnl also am confused am trying to reach our customer care but no response. So could you please hel me out and also let me know the brokerage charges.

@Kongara Brokerage is Rs.20 per order for men and Rs.10 per order for women with Dhan. Exchange, SEBI, Govt all charge extra per trade in % of trade value. Broker cannot do anything about the latter.

Also u can see all the charges in the order window before order placement using transaction estimator. After order execution if you want to see the charges (brokerage and other charges shown separately) u can do so in [Trader’s diary] (Introducing: Trader's Diary on Dhan) from the next day onwards. You can also find the same with more granularity in the contract note sent to your mail everyday after market is closed.