DAILY MAX LOSS at broker level

first of all my regards for giving tools to the clients to manage risk more efficiently,nobody is doing this in the industry however it will be game changing if clients are able to set daily max loss at broker level and once daily max loss is hit positions should be auto squared off and session closes for the day.it will solve some of the limitations of already existing kill switch feature like :-
1: kill switch do little when trader is in “deer stuck in headlights” situation,he’s freezed and simply cant come to the terms of accepting losses.so activating kill switch manually is similar to accepting the loss which the trader is unable to do.
2: some traders dont have trade buddies or simply dont want to involve others when they are in messy situation.
so it will be wonderful if its possible to incorporate this feature in the arsenal of dhan’s risk management tools.thanks for hearing the traders :slight_smile:


Hey Ravinder,

Thank you for your kind words and suggestions. Please allow us some time to gather more feedback on Kill Switch before we can implement any changes.

Product @ Dhan