CPR Levels Incorrect

The first screenshot of chart is Dhan, and i have observed the cpr levels plotted incorrected whereas i have verified with Fyers and Tradingview chart CPR indicator So Kindly please check with team and rectify it.

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here it is the Fyers screenshot

I have noticed one thing among platforms - sasonline,upstox,zerodha, aliceblue, fyers and dhan.

Fyers tend to print the bars as on the tape rather accurately, eg if bar high is 678.85, if you hover on fyers chart it ll be 678.85, others might print 678.7 or 678.65 a little off here and there.

Not that noticeable or a hurdle. Just a thing, as I am a hand trader, and hover over lots of chart pre and post.

Btw, currently trading on dhan, as dhan tradingview trade from charts is as smooth and convenient.

Difference in indicator values are due to dhan issue. You can check with other than fyers still it will be wrong. its due to days close price in dhan. Its different from every other brokers. I have reported the same they said update is coming. But they keep pushing deadline.

I have cross checked with tradingview as well i found discrepancy in Dhan for CPR Indicator and i hope resolve in quick manners

@ZB83 ,

Does it mean difference in OHLC?

It Could be, and it could be bug in indicator programing code

To conclude, OHLC of different platforms can be compared.

Hey @ZB83

Apologies, looks like somehow everyone on our side missed this post. Will look into this with team and update.

Hello @PravinJ

I was about to transfer my equity to Dhan but i saw lot of people are complained about things aren’t working the way it has to work

Hi @ZB83

If you are referring to this community post - we never delete any post or comment on this one, no matter how negative it is or even critic of Dhan. We just started about 6 months back, and shipping new features & offerings and also improving fast on the existing ones.

Community here, or social media or tons of feedback we get from our users - be it smallest of the bugs, or suggestions - helps us improve Dhan everyday. Pl feel free to transfer., everything works well and over 100,000 users are on Dhan.


I appreciated that your efforts of improving platform daily, basically my trade based on CPR and Pivot so I will be waiting until fix the problem, I liked that you are take customer suggestion as constructive feedback, Thanks for your quick response

Hi @ZB83

We checked this, it isn’t a bug essentially just a matter of approach.

On Dhan we consider price range for CPR from market open till market close at 3:30 PM. And it seems the platform you are comparing with considers prices till 4:00 PM which is post market hours.

Hope this clarifies.

I find Dhan much better than other platforms. I have used sasonline(alphaweb),upstox,aliceblue,zerodha ,fyers then Dhan.

It’s a personal opinion and depends on what you are looking / trading. I do short term intraday trades, with an exposure ranging from 2 mins to 10 mins.

I like things to be effortless. Trade from charts simplify things. The option to drag and modify your pending orders from the chart is smooth. The transition happens effortlessly.

And if you trade the open,you ld certainly pray the platform not to have any glitches. So far, Dhan tradingview runs like a well oiled machine. Now, you have to worry less about the platform, and focus on your process.

5 and half years of clicking the damn mouse, I know what I am speaking. I am the monkey behind the mouse.

Dhan is different.

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Will dhan change it to 4pm. Currently trading in dhan checking other chart. Customer support promising to change in update. But deadline keeps changing. If not i will move to other broker.
Major problem iam facing in dhan

  • Pivot points some times doesn’t load
  • CRSI value keeps changing even after 5min bar close,
    when we reload.

What i like in dhan is

  • Placing and modify order directly from chart
  • Keeping original TV order window
  • Fast customer support

Hi @sharu_john

Will speak with some more users who are doing CPR indicators. Also waiting for @ZB83 comment. We keep interacting with traders, few of them look at data in a way, and others in another way… so it becomes bit of a difficult decision for us.

Our customer service teams shares all feedback with us. Specifically features and requests from TradingView related ones… this gets tricky. We do not get all features extended in main TradingView on the hosted library we use… and if there is feedback and suggestions that we share with TradingView times - it takes bit longer for their corresponding teams to prioritise., and they take feedback from users / partners across the globe. Things that Dhan has to ship, we do it very fast.

Thanks @ronin for your kind words. We try to make Dhan better everyday.

Thanks @sharu_john

We too like the native experience of TradingView order placement :slight_smile:

I don’t use cpr but this closing price affect every indicator. These indicator works because most people believe in them. So its better to keep it same as other terminals. Even tradingview follows this standard way. Why dhan choose 3.30 tho

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