Chart feed on TradingView

Hi Dhan Team! ,

I want to bring forward the concern that the data feed on the TradingView terminal on the web of Dhan is delayed by a few ms to a few seconds on average. I had raised the same concern with the TradingView team, as they are having the same issue even after having a subscription plan.

Can you check on issue to resolve this?

Hi @thisisnotme Looks like you are referring to data feeds on TradingView, since you mentioned subscription plan and their customer support. TradingView has its own way of consuming and showing feeds, data on charts from its own sources.

Dhan takes its data feeds from exchanges, and same is then relayed on our own platforms - Dhan (app and web), Options Trader (app and web) and TradingView console ( We have over 1,50,000+ concurrent users everyday on our (Dhan) charts and all seems to be well & superfast.

Hi @PravinJ ,

I would like to make it clear that my primary concern is the option chart on the Dhan TradingView platform. Data feeds are not real-time, as there is an absolute delay of a few milliseconds to 2 seconds on average, and this difference can vary from time to time. Data feed is real time reflect on watchlist but not on chart. I had various interactions where I had to use other pt*m charts.

Note that I am not primarily focused on the closing or settlement price of the ticker.

Hi @thisisnotme Request you to be please connect with our team on

Also unsure, why you have raised request with TradingView, and which acknowledgement has been shared.


I got the update from the TradingView regarding the issue.

Request you to check the same with the ISP and exchange while the market is open.


Hi @PravinJ ,

Have you ever checked on this issue? Trading with a pending order is okay, but if trading is done after watching a chart on the platform like this, reaching this area will execute the order directly, but there might be a chance that the price has rocketed up or crashed and the chart is still showing that the current price is at that area due to a delay of a few milliseconds to a few seconds. This concern was forwardedbecause I faced it.