Can you provide order panel like fyers on dhan trading view chart

Please provide a order panel like fyers instead of so different panel like margin

When fyers makes it
You also can make

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I think since such simple and efficient UI design is already in use by others, following the same path may be termed as copycat :smiley_cat: which doesn’t give the kick of doing industry first!

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I too agree that tv order panel is slow. Have tested it on upstox too. Where as in espresso the order panel is theirs and its fast. Something needs to be done.
Has anyone tried orde panel on It seems fast. Or it’s just me?

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Hi @Pawarpankaj07,

Thanks for your feedback. We will surely consider your suggestions to enhance this feature.

Different different window makes so much complicated system
Keep things simple, effective and without lagging

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Simple and effective ui makes system better
And easy for trader also
But for each function different different window not a good thing
Zerodha is Better only for its ui and simple user friendly system

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Hi @Pawarpankaj07 @amit @Pranab

We are glad to inform you that order window with margin available & margin required is live on by following : Right click on chart > Trade From Dhan


Thanks sir for this :+1:

I don’t know why it’s that difficult to put 2 buttons separately for buy and sell on menu bar which would have reduced number of clicks to execute a trade… :slight_smile:

Hi Sameet,

Can the same panel be replicated to Dhan Web. It’s so easy to use.