Can you bring a brokerage plan

Can you bring a brokerage plan like kotak securities/m stock it would attract many traders for sure because this both platform compare to dhan are very bad and dhan is growing so fast i think it would surpass zerodha too in future for highest no. Of active users

And can you guys bring a paper trade feature which include options too?

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Thanks for the kind words @UJBOLTE. We just started, bit over a year. So, long time for us to go where most competition has existed over a decade. That aside, our focus has always been to provide more value to users, which is why we do not charge anything over and above brokerage.

Stock Broking industry is going through a lot of change, I have written about this and also about pricing and more, here - Stock Broking Industry: Some perspective on Pricing / Brokerage & Way Forward | being practical

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