CAGR calculation bug

Hi @Dhan team,

The CAGR calculation on holding age is absolutely incorrect for people who brought their holdings from different broker. Can you pls remove it or give a disclaimer that this number is not usable for people bringing in their portfolio from different broker.

I got surprised seeing 87% CAGR for my Niftybees holding where it only appreciated 6% overall, then I realized looking at “trades” section thinking maybe because it is considering the brought in date as investment date but to my suprise, there was no record of transaction there.
So effectively I brought in 2000 units and purchased another 100+ units and now it is calculating entire profit on those 100+ units (I think).


Hi @erankitjain

We are having this checked with our concern department and will keep you posted shortly.

And that’s just one (bug) of several you’ve come across. Happy onboarding!

I keep raising them as and when I encounter them but that doesn’t mean I don’t like them, atleast they hear out and genuinely try to solve it… given the progress over the past year, I’m quite happy and hopeful for the future atleast as a investor. For ex: even if CAGR is faulty and many fundamentals don’t show up or show up wrongly atleast they are there and bound to improve with constant feedback, but most other platforms don’t even have it even after years of operation :sweat_smile:

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We will explore if we can add a note. When shares are transferred, there is a single value of average buy price that is consumed.

Maybe you haven’t yet encountered any losses just because of some glitch in their app.

again… am just a investor… I don’t trade that frequently.
Quite curious to know if you have been in losses because of Dhan then why are you even active on Dhan community and/or by extension on dhan app?

I stopped trading on Dhan because of the glitches and bugs, but I still keep investing in ETFs and other long-term holdings through Dhan for their zero brokerage and lesser DP charges.

Obviously, I am waiting for Dhan to get bit mature and reliable for trading so that I could finally get rid of other brokers. It’s not like I am against them, I am just doing my part as an active user :slight_smile: