Buy orders with SL in single order


I have a requirement which I am looking to implement in my application via Dhan API.
Generally people wants to enter the trade at specific price( generally higher than resistance/upper range), So they place MIS or GTT orders with higher price. As soon as the order is triggered and bought, we want to place a SL order of user choosing %.

Eg. LTP of Share A is 98. User place MIS/GTT order for buy Share A @Rs. 100. As soon as this order gets executed, User needs to login to system and place SL order to cover the position. We want to combine these features of buying shares and as soon as shares are bought and SL order will also be placed.

Currently I dont see this kind of feature in any of the brokers. Can you help if this is possible programmatically via Dhan API.

This is different from Trailing SL. Generally user needs to enter 2nd order once 1st order gets executed and we want to reduce that effort. We want that user will enter SL % while buying share itself which will become active only when shares get bought.


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