Bonus shares not being shown


I own shares of Raghav Productivity Enhancers. It issued bonus shares. And as far as I know, the bonus shares are tradable from today onwards.

But my portfolio as well as “invested” watchlist only shows the initial number of shares not the bonus shares.

Could anyone let me know, how to sell my bonus shares?

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@Shally yes they have been enabled for listing today. However, as we do the recon of holdings on the previous day EOD to avoid any last minute hassle on the next trading day. They are reflected in your portfolio from next day onwards (A day after listing). However while we optimize this, you can share your UCC, will get them added manually.

Hi @iamshrimohan,

I have DMed my UCC to you.

Could you please let me know whether this happens for bonus shares only or for demerger or ipo allottment also? For e.g., Jio Financial Services got listed today, had I been a holder of that, would I be able to sell that today?

@Shally Updated the holdings.

Only in case of Split and Bonus for now. Reason normal shares are eligible for trading where as bonus shares get approval for trading on the trading day itself. So for example you have 100 shares of a company as on the record date which announced bonus. Now the bonus shares are credited to your demat but under a temporary ISIN. Now on the day before listing, at the end of day, we re-compute the holdings and the Depository converts the temporary ISIN to normal ISIN. However, the Depository’s EOD happens later than us (usually midnight). Hence, there is an operational gap.

For Demergers, the listing date is provided well in advance so in the gap is absorbed before the listing day. For example Jio Financial, the listing date was announced on 18th Aug. On 19th the gap would had been there (but markets were closed but we were working) and today the gap filled.

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Thanks @iamshrimohan. My holdings are updated.

But just to point out that in this case also, approval was received on 18th itself. Refer the link of BSE: Notice Number (

@Shally Yea but Bonus shares are reflected in the DP with Temporary status (IN8***) and the Demerger shares are reflected with Permanent ISIN (INE*****).

Jio was listed under ISIN: INE758E01017. Today the security was available in Securities Master (The list of securities permitted to trade in the exchange) and hence reflected in the holdings. While bonus shares under temporary ISIN are debited and actual ISIN shares are credited.

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Thanks for the detailed explanation.