Basket order margin issue

I faced an execution issue in basket order where 3 legs got executed and 4th leg was rejected because of insufficient margin whereas margin available was 2 times the required margin. Issue was it was not taking hedge benefit which it as taking in strategy builder. Then I broke into small quantities and it went through. This is a huge gap and leads to losses in volatile market. Today also there was a slippage of few points due to this fiasco. Needs urgent attention. Someone may call me if need to understand this issue further

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No one has reached out so far and am facing same issue again. It is a big thing in live market and will dwarf all the other good things

it leads to slippage, double brokerage and time lag in which market moves apart from the manual hassle of putting multiple orders

The customer service doesnt even understand the issue

Hedge is formed when the orders are executed, not before that. We are trying to make this simpler in communication on baskets going forward. Order execution at any moment depends on exchange.

Will ask team to review the logs for these transaction, and see this in detail.

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Hi @amk20000

We have explained the detail in the below community post :

Feel free to reach out us at to check on your specific scenario.

I also agree with u Amit@amk20000

Because today itself I faced the same issue… Even I have sufficient funds when I try to place the basket order it is saying insufficient funds but when I execute it manually It goes smooth
I faced this many times as well
I can strongly say issue with Basket order

Hi @laxman

Please note that orders in Basket are sent to the exchange in a sequence.

However, in rare scenario, it is still possible that it takes a fraction of second more for us to get status of first order, and the second order is already sent to exchange, and it gets rejected due to margin requirement.

Request you to read the above post shared once for detail explanation.