Awkward incident happened today

@Naman @PravinJ

Very awkward incident happened today. I had 4 normal positions:
BNF 40500 Call Short
BNF 40500 Put Shot
BNF 410000 Call Long
BNF 400000 Put Long

I wanted to close both 40500 Short position thus placed buy limit order using (+) sign inside chart. When price came to my target instead of closing another order was placed. I found it was Intraday. Immediately I tried to close it but saw one more position… after that one in put side then after a few seconds one more on put side… after a few seconds one more on put side

I was totally lost. I closed all of my positions and last one was cancelled. Never had such issue with either Dhan or any other broker.

I was just experimenting with one lots IronFly so the loss was not scary. However with higher number it could be a fatal thing.

What I have observed that after marketing is opened Dhan is very slow. It remains slow for around 1-2 hrs and most of issues I have noticed happens during those hours.

Several times I have noticed indicators are not place well charts looks weird. Would have to clear cache and reloads a few times to make it work.

I have talked to Dhan team and they were asking for screen recording that I can’t provide however I’ve tried to explain it at my best.

I’m sure Dhan team will set priority on fixing issues first rather implementing new features. Please feel free to contact me if you need further detail.


Hi @aryan ,

Kindly share with us your contact details DM, so we can connect with you and assist you in a better way.

I am facing these issues daily

  1. After market open Dhan is very slow for first few minutes approx 15min.
  2. Sometimes charts may look weired
  3. Order execution is very slow and at that time hangs a lot
  4. PNL is not accurate.
  5. There is no proper sync between web and mobile app.
  6. Dhan options app is created but from many days it doesn’t received any updates.

Dhan needs to be really think about it instead of asking proofs. And it is not problem with few people, it is common issue.

I am thinking to end my journey that i have started from day one with Dhan and shifting to old broker.

@Dhan @PravinJ Dhan is doing good things i know but these are basic things which needs to focus.


Hi @Amol, For now suggest you sharing your details with for our team to understand the issue you mentioned in original message as @Divyesh has suggested.

Rest of your queries
1 + 2: This is for charts. Yes, we are seeing many users login to Dhan now and we are re-doing how we load charts. We did that earlier to, and are optimising further.
3. Users who had raise this issue, either were not using instant orders with thunderbolt. Now we have made this a default option to avoid confusion. Dhan simply sends orders to exchange, we always have verified for execution of every time someone mentions this and have also asked users to independently verify their trades on exchanges if needed.
4. Please let know for which trade scenario. Do share on We fixed every P&L issue that was reported to us.
5. App refresh rates we are updating for order execution. Next release is optimised for that.
6. The big release scheduled for Options Trader was Custom Strategy Builder, we put that on the web first this time.

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I am also facing same issues everyday from last December, also wrote many e-mails provided screen recording about my issues but Dhan support and technical team just doing nothing to fix those issues. Now I fade up and stope writing to dhan support team because I know the result that is nothing

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Me too noticed inaccurate P&L several time but ignored. But Dhan team should become very serious about it. If core functionality is such severe issue then additional features are useless.


Let us know what the issue is. Also details from your first post are awaited.