Appreciation of professionalism of Dhan

I am glad that I joined Dhan. Dhan is on a purely professional track brokerage. This community is an excellent idea.I hope that with proactive attitude, Dhan will be number one broker in India :india: in a couple of years.

There is a need to improve features in chart of Trading View that I will separately write.

I have extremely bitter experience with at leat three reputed Brokers in India.

Good timely response, respect for customers and concern for the time & personal resources of customers, accurate and prompt solutions to issues raised by customers, decency etc are necessary. Unfortunately I have not come across any stock broker in India that has these traits. Many brokers use IVR and call back their customers at their convenience.It is not only irritating but also disrespectful. Their telephone support staff are inattentive, do not have decency, but arrogant, do not the subject, lack telephone manners and etiquettes. Many brokerage firms do not have a chartered accountant on their rolls and the reports (Ledger, P&L account, Contract Notes, trading related daily financial statements etc) sent by them are fit for dustbin. They donโ€™t even understand the emails written to them correctly. They indulge thus, their customers in avoidable correspondence wasting time. Senior officials of Brokerage companies must be accessible on telephone & email. I made a telephone enquiry with Interactive Brokers at Mumbai. Immediately one of their middle management level officer called me back and we had telephonic interaction for more than an hour. It was really an unforgettable experience in India. I was very happy and very satisfied.

Dhan should not give an opportunity to their customers to file a complaint with SEBI SCORES. THAT WILL BE THE REAL PROFESSIONALISM!!

I wish that Dhan should show to world what a professional broker must be like!


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Hi @Dr.Saaie,

Thanks for your kind words, and we have noted your suggestions. We will continue to try our best to serve our users.