Appreciation for Dhan Team

Dear Dhan Team,
This is an Appreciation from my side for the Dhan Team.

Just checked this morning that you have updated the tradingview code library.
Very nice, and great Job.

Also want to say that not everything is updating/streaming tick by tick, especially the PnL, which needs a lot of optimization.

Again a great Job.
Thank-you :pray:

@Picilefy Yes I meant Trading view code library :slight_smile:

looks like i appreciated too soon :slight_smile: , as it is back to old/previous library.

@Dhan team, just want to say that few indicators get reset as you switch the lib at your end like the RSi for an example there is slight difference in this new rsi calculation and the old /previous version, so people who got it on their chart might not get that updated to get the correct readings.

So pls these switchover should be after/ pre market timings.

Also saw few more things , which looks pretty good.

Great Job.

Having Said that,
I Think there should be version marked on webpage as a beta version link so that people who want to try and give feedback on the latest beta build can share the views and test it.

And the latest stable build clearly marked should be there for everyone else for the trade.


I second that! Observed the same behaviour.

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Hi @RajeshK @Shally

We have written about the yesterday’s mishap here :point_down:

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Appreciate your efforts @Naman and thankyou for the reply.

I am talking about smoothing the process.

So a version which can be a beta is always a welcome step, will offload a lot of heartbun and may be midnight oil bun :blush: for developing team