Antivirus blocking connections to (url)

Hello! While Dhan has improved a lot since my last post. I recently noticed that my antivirus is blocking connections to the following URLs:

    The reason it says, that the website is using untrusted certificate and/or transmitting data on unprotected networks. I have attached the screenshot.
    Kindly see to it. @PravinJ Thanks.

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Hi @GalaticX

Request you to help us with your preferred time for a video meet via DM to address this with our concern team.

Looking forward to the session.

Yes, we are aware of this… we use websockets to connect and stream data. Dhan being a relatively new web destination, gets marked as suspicious by few anti-virus, ad blockers, fire walls, etc - as a result they disconnect websockets or stop reconnecting… leads users to believing that we are down :frowning: