Add the ability to bring up the option chain by right clicking on a chart

I use multi-chart view for trading options with a mix of calls and puts in each. It would be great if Dhan integrates the ability to right click on a chart and bring up the option chain. This way way we can choose and add the desired option on the particular chart quickly. This feature is present in Fyers and is super convenient. This saves the hassle of creating/updating a watchlist of options every week manually. If this is not possible, at least create the ability to add the option chain to watchlist like they provide in the Fyers Desktop Terminal (not browser-based). I think Dhan should also provide such a terminal if possible for faster executions. You guys need to get in touch with Kambala Solutions or the like to get it implemented ASAP.

Hi @Shiva, Good to see you on community after a long time. Dhan had introduced Option Chain on charts long time back.

Here is a release post on same from March 2022: Introducing Option Chain on TradingView (

Dhan has its own trade & order processing systems, we do not have external vendors for same or have any plans to use a third party product.

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