Accounts opening with referral but no referral datails in KYC form

Hello Team Dhan.
I was opening my wife’s account in Dhan with a referral and for the same I started with link provided by referral. After everything is completed I was signing with aadhaar but before that I wanted to double check if introducer/referral code/details is properly mentioned in the account opening KYC form.

I found no detail of referral or code mention in introducer section as attached below. Because of this I hold the further signing process till I get clarification and help on this.

Request dhan team to look into and solve the issue so that I can proceed with final steps.


Hi @DeltaTrader Account Opening Forms or AOF are mandated to be in a format as prescribed by the regulations. Referral prorgams are run by the stock trading platform, in this case Dhan, its details are not part of the Account Opening Form.

When account is opened via Referral Link or in the process the Referral Code is added during registration, it gets mapped to account that is being opened. Accounts that are opened successfully by your referral code, will be seen in the Referral section of Dhan app.

@PravinJ thanks for explaining in detail.

I have just one more doubt-

How would I know that my account is successfully mapped under referring person (the person who provided me account opening link/code)


During the onboarding, after you set the mPin for your account, the referral page shows who your account will be mapped to and also provides you an option to edit it at this stage. Thereafter, it is not possible to see who you are mapped to. If you still have questions about who your account is mapped to, you can reach out to us on

Hope this helps,

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