Account Mapping!


I Hope you can throw some light on this!
I was evaluating Dhan as a broker for the past few months.
Now that I’ve decided to start investing and trading with Dhan the team is saying that I can’t get my account mapped under my brother’s account.

The reason they are stating this is that my account to too old to get mapped under anyone.

Not convinced!

There has to be a way.

Please enlighten and resolve asap!


Hi @Bhaskarsingh,

Referral switching isn’t possible on Dhan as of now.

If my guess is right SEBI is likely to disallow individual referrals. All referrals can be made by exchange registered authorised partners only once the relevant circular comes out.


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It’s not switching.
I’ve not been mapped under any code till date.
I opened my account some 8 months back and never traded. Now that I want to start off I am requesting to map me under my brother’s account.

Guess it isn’t that tough to achieve!

Please update!

Hi @Bhaskarsingh,

You need to add the referral code at the time of signing up on Dhan. In case, you have missed to add it same cannot be mapped later.

Could you please suggest a way to get it done?

Hi @Bhaskarsingh Unfortunately this is not possible, our systems are tightly integrated for referral payouts and mapping, we avoid manual interferences to this. Account mapping and attribution is possible when registering on Dhan.

Baat toh ek dum sahi hai SEBI ne !!! Rather than real traders market has full of scam gurus to sell their courses and services just to make brokerage commission and make their pocket green, it doesn’t matter at all whether referred clients making profit or losses.

This could have saved me a few cents.
It would have not been this significant if it wasn’t for the lifetime.
I know you don’t like getting compared to your counterparts but they do this service.

I’d be more than glad if anything can be done about this!