A trader's must

Can you add basics scanners like :-

1)Relative Strength (Alpha) scanner to filter our focus on outperforminh stocks.
Currently i do this using marketsmith & stockedge & intradayscreener

But was hoping if you guys can implement the same perhaps with additional features like sorting option to run scanner only on stocks which are near their 52 week high.
Perhaps a scoring system to again filter the best of best candidnate.

  1. Trading Journal if possible… I really like to know my REAL-TIME :stuck_out_tongue: expectancy (Avg profit * no of trade / avg loss * no of trade) {cross check via internet… Maybe i wrote formula wrong…

3)Perhaps a tool for position sizing …

4)Note feature like Tradingview got for TV.Dhan, i generally record my mood & feelings or stock specific analysis of that particular stocks.

5)Alert on basic indicators / Trendline like MA crossover alert or trendline break alert (Like tradingview)

6)Ability to create Forever order from Chart (TV)

7)Ability to create alert from chart (TV)

I understand tradingview might not giving their paid feature like alerts from chart or option to crrate forever order from chart .

But perhaps your API can just use the information from TV and put order in your core app.

For instant say i click on add alert and draw a alert line on XYZ stock at 100rs.

Instead of using trsdingview server as alert it can be redirected to dhan server and create alerts there…

Either way it will save from hassel of manually typing price in alert box… Hope you are getting my point…

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  1. Market Breadth tools would be nice…
    Currently i use 3 free sites to get those info…
    Perhaps u can add them too… I really want to get everything atleast whichever is already available for free in dhan for free… Just dont wanna open multiple tabs

9)Sector Analysis - Refer to Relative Rotation Graphs or something like Relativr Strength of Sectors to identity next leadership stocks.

10)Trailing Sl … A fixed ℅ traling SL or Volatiles based SL (Supertrend can be used to create it) … Its good to have in system …

@PravinJ kindly take a look into above suggestions and try to implement the same ASAP.