2 Factor Authentication login

Hi Team,

As per the SEBI guidelines released last year, there should be a 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) for logging in to a trading platform.

When I log in to Dhan, it just asks me for the login PIN, there is no 2FA login.

Why is it that the Dhan platform does not have a 2FA?


Hi @priyank87, Dhan had two factor authentication even before the SEBI guidelines came in.

We have introduced fast QR login and made it mandatory post the regulation: Important Note: 2FA Login for Dhan Web & TradingView users

If you are being asked PIN, then there is already an existing session that is running on your device and it is being revalidated. If that session also expires, then you will have to a fresh login with 2-factor authentication once again.

Hi @PravinJ ,

Appreciate your quick response.

I have been using the Dhan platform for weeks now, but every morning on my login I am being asked just the login PIN. There is no 2FA process on daily login. I believe that a trading session’s duration would be valid for some hours in a day without a 2FA login after which it should ask for a 2FA login, but in my case, for weeks I have been logging in with just the login PIN.


You can explicitly logout from the session and try. Let know if this still persists, drop a note to us on help@dhan.co